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Artistic Differences

147 pages2 hours


(This is book six in the Van Helsen Series)
It's not over yet...
After the unwelcome events surrounding the court case, Kris and Hazel truly believe that the nightmare is finally over. But...Kris discovers that he has vastly underestimated one of his most formidable enemies, and that he is possibly involved in some double dealing with his future brother-in-law, Henrik, who has, seemingly, disappeared off the face of the earth.'s not only Henrik that has gone missing. Some valuable works of art have also mysteriously disappeared. Works of art that were in Henrik's custody at the time he went missing. Is Henrik guilty of grand theft? Or, is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes? It's up to Kris, aided and assisted by Hazel, to find out. But, in their search for answers, they get a lot more than they bargained for...

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