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Ready Reference Treatise: Kindred

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“Kindred” by Octavia E. Butler was first published in 1979. It is one of the bestselling science fictions. It is partly the story of time travel and partly a slave narrative. The book has continued to become more and more popular since its first publication.

It is noticeable that “Kindred” is regularly selected as a text for community-wide reading programmes and book organizations. The book has been included in the course of study for high school and college students in several countries around the world. The book is often prescribed in the reading list to the students of English literature.

There are few science fiction works about slavery, and that is what makes “Kindred” a unique book. The first person narrative also makes it unique among the science fiction books on the subject of slavery.

Ready Reference Treatise: Kindred
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Plot Overview
Chapter Three: Characters
Chapter Four: Writing Style and Background
Chapter Five: Complete Summary
Chapter Six: Critical Analysis

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