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When Twins War: Book II
When Twins War: Book II
When Twins War: Book II
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When Twins War: Book II

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The Meadow is burning. All hope of the twin cities of Iza-Kiêrre and Ben-Kiêrre recommitting to peace has been shattered. But Tarkanyon the Outlander will not give up so easily. When a fellow Outlander explains to him that the Moncoin, a historic evil from the past, may be returning in five days; and the leader of the nomad tribe, Dersanna, tells him a story about an ancient creature called the Hirmecoi; Tarkanyon and Gerald Rhionan set out into the desert to find the true antagonist of the war.

Meanwhile, Iza-Kiêrre is soon enveloped in a dark storm... and goblins by the thousands are getting ready to attack.

This new updated and re-edited version of the original "When Twins War" is now available in two parts, BOOK I and BOOK II.

PublisherRyan Peter
Release dateJul 3, 2015
When Twins War: Book II
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Ryan Peter

Ryan Peter is a writer, journalist and ghostwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. He writes fantasy and sci-fi and anything to do with the "weird" while he enjoys conversing (and writing, of course) on topics such as faith and theology. His books are widely available at Amazon and other major online retailers. He is the author of "When Twins War", a fantasy epic; "Your Single Happiness"; "The Butcher's Shadow", an upcoming ghost story thriller; "Holy Sin" (upcoming); and a sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, Treasure Island. Peter blogs regularly at his website in addition to being published in various media channels both online and offline.

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