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The Viscount’s Test of Love

21 pages18 minutes


This is a steamy historical romance short story (word count 4,961).

On the eve of his travels abroad Joseph makes it clear to Sophia that he is determined to have her, but he will wait patiently until she is ready to give into the strong attraction between them.
But Sophia refuses to submit to Joseph’s demands she will not be taken by him just to satisfy his lust! Not to mention that she has no intention of betraying the trust of Joseph’s father, the Viscount of Palmerton, who has taken her into his home and treated her as a daughter by starting an affair with Joseph.
But Sophia does not know that it is the Viscount who has sent Joseph away, to give both his son and herself space and time to understand what they really mean to each other. So that when Joseph finally returns, both he and Sophia will find out whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder and the desire for the other greater!

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