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Tabitha Fay & The Olds

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TABITHA FAY: In the blossoming town of Pollok Town, stands a magnificent mansion built by the ghost of seven innocent souls hung by the Whiteman’s Noose. Inside this mansion, lives a girl believed to be the reincarnation of the great healer, Tabitha Fay, daughter to the woman who used her great Power to raise the dead, acquire love, and seek revenge for her own personal gain.

THE OLDS: Young Linden enjoys taking care of Zelkova, his Mistress. He enjoys tracing the lines of her wrinkles with his callused fingers and memorizing every age spot on her delicate body, however, soon, Zelkova will be one hundred and twenty years old and must enter the spiritual realm called After Old. Will Linden be able to drain Zelkova’s energy and release her into the place where all old ones go after spending half their life in the capable hands of their Youngs? How will Linden react once his mistress is gone, and he is given a Young with unconditional loyalty of his own to demand?

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