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Shelter from the Storm

132 pages2 hours


Thomas Fitzwalter, a young builder has a strong dislike of the phoney Saturnalia celebrations that often take place at New Year.

On his way home after doing a couple of jobs for his uncle he happens upon a large public house situated on the outskirts of the town he has recently moved to. Feeling quite peckish he ignores the warning voices in his head telling him not to go in and enters the pub intent only on having a quick pint and a bite to eat before continuing his journey home.

A series of violent incidents take place in the pub, and a party he is invited to highlights how prescient those warning voices were. He becomes embroiled in a violent confrontation with a six foot Chicken, a potbellied Bishop and a variety of fancy dressed thugs. Never before in his young life, had he experienced such a bizarre and violent, yet at the same time, life enhancing New Year’s Eve Party.

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