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From within the murderous ranks of Islamic State fighters, Al-Qaeda have recruited a team of dedicated bombers. Their task: to detonate the world’s first radioactive Dirty Bomb in central London - and they already have the necessary components ready to deliver.

The gang are streets ahead of the authorities and prepared to kill anyone they see as a danger to that position; bystanders, police officers and even each other. The official investigation is led by Chief Superintendant Sarah Painter, but she has already dismissed MI6 information about the likely form of the upcoming attack. All investigative resources are pointing in exactly the wrong direction.

The only possible threat to the terrorist’s plan lies in the damaged hands of Maxim, MI6’s recently returned agent from northern Syria, seriously injured during his escape. He joins forces with Lara, his London ‘Control’ only to find that, although an experienced analyst, she has no previous field experience. Maxim has doubts about her willingness to pull the trigger – should the need arise. An inevitable love story develops between these two.

The loose cannon in this mix is an unpredictable and mentally unstable jihadi bride, also recently escaped from Islamic State, who has a deeply personal score to settle with two of the gang. She is now being used by the Russians who have their own point to make.

The climax takes place on a Central Line train running into Bank station, below the Bank of England: during which all the surviving characters, and the bomb, come together for a tense all action finale in the swaying carriages. The train hurtles through the underground darkness, the bullets fly and the detonator button is pushed.
The plot is ultimately foiled, but the two heroes are cheated out of any public recognition for their part in this. However, the head of the SIS is well aware of their worth and wants them for another mission.

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