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Spirit Adept: Words of Power, #1

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For centuries the Magisters have ruled Romadon, but their control is slipping as they squander their magic with reckless abandon. They need new Adepts to bolster their ranks and extinguish the budding rebellion among the population. Magister Yamantheru reluctantly sets out to find people with the talent to use the Words. 


Amaya is a village girl having a bad day, but it gets far worse when she accidentally offends Magister Yamantheru. Blinded by his magic, she flees into the Tanglewyld Forest, pursued by his Guards.


Cabren's shortcut through the Tanglewyld becomes a rescue mission when he stumbles across a frightened woman being chased by unknown men. He finds himself falling for Amaya as they struggle to evade the Magister Guards.


When Amaya discovers she has the potential to be a Magister herself, she could have revenge against those that have wronged her, but will she embrace her newfound power? Even if it means losing Cabren?

Previously released as Words of Spirit.

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