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The Monroe Model: Become Style-Literate and Better Understand Our Strange World

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The talent of Steve Jobs that Bill Gates most admired, and probably envied, was ‘his sense of style’. Style means business and accounts for some 50% of the sales of brands. However, most of the managers and strategists who make the decisions in corporations and governments have not been educated in the art and science of style. They know it is important, but they are not style literate. This leads to disasters like General Motor’s car brand Opel losing 75% of its share of the market in Europe during the fundamental style transition that took place in recent decades.
Therefore, in this book the origin of styles and their deeper meanings will be explored. Assisted by the Monroe model, we will analyze different styles in art, sex, humor, music, logos, religions, personalities, politics and cultures. Hierarchy and the styles of Nazi Germany will be discussed and we will have a look at style trends. All of this will help you become more style-literate and create your own beauty mark.

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