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The Truth About Amelia

Length: 86 pages1 hour


She ran out of tears from the long mourning, retaining all of the pain inside of her, that same pain that oppressed her heart. Her swollen feet were bleeding after spending hours walking aimlessly. All of the tragedies that she experienced were revealed in a moment that lasted an eternity.

In those moments, alone, vulnerable, and defeated, she watched the immense riverbed from the top of that bridge, watching it disappear between the soft hollows through the horizon.

 At that early summer morning, the forces of destiny brought her to that place. All that remained was to decide. The questions about how and why the suffered events occurred were not important anymore, they were gone.

She watched the moon with that silver color, reflecting light in the calm waters; at the same time that she kissed the scapulary of the Chiquinquira’s virgin that was hanging on her chest.   

 After the recent events, lost in the nothingness, and without having any other alternative; she could end up thinking about end up for once with her own life. Nobody would care what she could do at that time. She was alone, deeply alone and helpless.

Her last thoughts were about her apartment, the bed, and the body of her dead mother. 

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