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Curse of the First Born Cain: The Kayne Legacy, #1

Curse of the First Born Cain: The Kayne Legacy, #1

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Curse of the First Born Cain: The Kayne Legacy, #1

67 pages
1 hour
Jul 12, 2015


In the first book of the Kayne Legacy series, we meet reporter Abigail Matthews after she is awarded the interview of a lifetime. She'd been granted no holds barred access to everyone associated with one of the most powerful foundations in the world, including the current CEO Michael Kayne.  Sparks fly between them the moment they meet but nothing compared to the jolt she receives when she comes face to face with Michael's grandfather—the biblical legend Cain.

In hopes she'd accept her destiny as his grandson's chosen mate, Cain opens up and shares his heartbreaking tale— everything from the tragic fight with his brother Abel to his journey to find Lilith and make her his wife. Together they were to create a family of immortals sworn to protect the Essence of the Tree of Life from the one hell bent on destroying it.

Jul 12, 2015

About the author

After a nearly 20 year career as a veterinarian, I decided it was time to pursue another dream of mine. With the publication of the first novel in my Now and Forever series in the fall of 2011, I was well on my way. Now my time is divided between my day job, writing two erotic romance series, and my poetry.Update: Now I'm looking at full time writing/publishing. Soon I'll hang up my stethoscope and retire from veterinary medicine. I'm excited about the new journey and the new projects I have lined up for publication.

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Book Preview

Curse of the First Born Cain - Tammy Dennings Maggy

Chapter 1


Present Day, Seattle Washington


Abigail Matthews stood in front of the full-length mirror in the third outfit she’d tried on that morning. Nothing looked right to her critical eye. The first blouse was cut too low. The last skirt was too short. The gray dress made her look like an elderly schoolteacher instead of a sexy forty-year-old reporter for Time Magazine.

Fuck it. She unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor without another thought. She bypassed three more outfits until she found her favorite ensemble. The tension eased from her body as soon as the material caressed her skin. The deep wine-colored tailored blouse clung to her breasts enough to be classy, but not trashy, and perfectly contrasted the soft black dress pants and leopard print pumps she slipped onto her feet.

Perfect. She glanced at her watch and smiled. She still had a few minutes before the limo arrived to pick her up and take her to the interview that could ultimately make or break her career.

No one, least of all Abigail herself, expected she would land the most sought after interview in the world. She’d been thrilled when she heard her magazine had won the opportunity, but shocked to learn it wouldn’t happen unless she would be the one assigned to do it. The Kayne Foundation had been very specific in their response: it was either her or no interview. Of course there had been the friendly and not so friendly ribbing by the other reporters and the questions about who she'd slept with to get such a request. She didn’t care. She was finally going to meet the CEO of the largest investment group in the world.

There wasn’t a country on the planet that didn’t have at least one of the Foundation hospitals set up to provide top of the line medical care for those in need. They funded everything from research projects that discovered treatments and cures for various cancers to the new pipeline used to transport oil from Alaska down to the lower forty-eight and all over the world. The same pipeline materials had been used for the systems that provided water into the more arid regions of the earth, enabling crops to grow for the first time in several decades.

Before he took over the reins of his family’s foundation, Michael Kayne had made a name for himself as a specialist in the fields of infectious disease and blood borne illnesses. His work in formulating the vaccine against AIDS had earned him the Nobel Prize. Michael and the entire Kayne family fascinated her. She couldn’t wait to ask all about them. His immediate family alone would be able to fill pages of several magazines with their accomplishments. However, there was one specific question she’d hoped to have answered during their sessions:

Why me?

The question had burned in her mind since the day she'd found out all her schooling had been funded by a grant from The Kayne Foundation. Sure, she'd had fantastic grades and test scores, but she never remembered applying for any grants or scholarships from the Kaynes or anyone affiliated with them. She had asked her adoptive parents if they knew why she’d been chosen, but they had appeared just as clueless. Not even her guidance counselor had an inkling as to how she had come to the attention of one of the most powerful families in the world. Instead of creating any waves, Abigail had decided to accept the help with her education and worry about asking questions later.

A knock on her door brought her back to the present. She looked out through the window and caught a glimpse of the black limo in her driveway. Another round of butterflies took flight in her stomach. She opened the door and waved to the driver. I’ll be right there.

She glanced at the photo of her parents hanging on the wall in her entryway and smiled. They had given her every opportunity growing up and had encouraged her to follow her dreams. Never once had they told her she couldn’t do anything she’d set her heart and mind on. Now here she was about to interview one of the most influential men in the world and solidify her career in journalism. No more fluff pieces for her. She’d finally made it to the big leagues.

Here goes nothing. She grabbed her computer bag and purse as she moved swiftly toward her door and her destiny.

* * * *

Dr. Kayne? Ms. Matthews has arrived. Shall I send her in now?

Michael smiled. He had never been one to look forward to being interviewed, and had shied away from publicity whenever possible. He preferred his lab and field work over answering probing questions. Not this time. His excitement and nervousness about the interview had built up to the level to rival that of any child on Christmas morning.  As soon as his grandmother had given him her file, Michael desired to know more about Abigail Matthews. Now was his chance. Thank you, Mary. Send her in and please make sure we’re not disturbed.

The heavy doors to his office swung open. His breath caught in his throat. The woman who walked

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