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Illa Camilla: That Girl, Camilla

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"Illa Camilla: That Girl, Camilla" is an early childhood education book for young, eager children, interested in learning basic Latin words and phrases. "Illa Camilla" is a fun, interactive story, aimed at encouraging children, from a young age, to begin to make connections between common English words and their Latin roots/cognates. This story revolves around a young girl named, Camilla, who has a clear passion for the Latin language, as her mom is a Classics professor in NYC. Throughout the story, Camilla and her mom explore Central Park, during Spring Break; they not only find a fun way to spend their day, but they also have an invigorating time building on Camilla's Latin! Take this exciting, educational trip with Camilla and her mom, while delving into the Latin language and all that it has to offer!

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