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If Not Now, When? Love Ed

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This special LOVE edition of the popular book, IF NOT NOW, WHEN? comes in a complete new form with breathtaking new pictures to accompany the profound compilation of quotations from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's teachings and personal text messages to his students. The emphasis in this edition focuses on love & relationships with additional quotes from His Eminence's personal blog. (

This poignant collection of quotations from Tsem Rinpoche's teachings explores little truths that are as bite-sized as they are deep, covering resonating, relevant topics of Joy + Sadness, Peace + Anger, Commitment + Irresponsibility, Harmony + Conflict and Love + Fear.

By transcending all boundaries of religion, culture, race and age, these quotations bridge the world outside to ourselves, connect our daily frustrations to warm-hearted solutions and shed bright new light on our seemingly ordinary daily lives.

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