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"Funny Fungal Diplomacy" and Other Stories

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Diverse fictional adventures with funny bones

Funny Fungal Diplomacy: Bette’s secret diplomatic mission depends on her being recognized on sight but suddenly she must cope with becoming 80 pounds bigger literally overnight. She is then pursued by enemies that she always knew she had to avoid but also now by confused allies. She gets help from a man in her department who plays loose cannon for a while to help her accomplish her mission.

What Is That Thing?: A pushy ex-military man takes charge of the civilians trying to figure out how to open what might be a crashed spaceship that is housed for now at a remote civilian site near an Air Force base to avoid notice. When the object flies away under its own power the chase is on but some suspect it is likely man-made and remotely controlled.

Twins Times Many: Senior widow Clamenca DaTito finds romance while using doubles of herself to thwart a nephew’s plans to get control of her estate. He hires look-alikes to appear in public places to confuse her enough about where she has been that his bought judge can declare her incompetent. She and her allies turn the plan upside down by having even more look-alikes show up to try to create more confusion than the nephew and his corrupt lawyer can explain.

Animated Protection: His lab’s weird landlady and others get interested when bioresearcher Bob Broglin seems to create a virus that makes clothing move on its own as seen when his lab coat resists his efforts to put it on. His contortions trying to don the coat convince the military and industrial spies who come shopping that there are potentially profitable materials in his lab – and his landlady will sell them anything in the place even though she doesn’t technically own it.

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