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Collected Romances

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Seven of Catherine E. Chapman's short historical romances collected in one volume, to give you a novel-length read.

Ann Rhys, daughter of a minister, is employed by Mr Brindley, widowed Master of Brizecombe Hall, as governess to his two children. Her initial feelings of apprehension regarding her employer are rapidly surpassed by other emotions that are new to Ann. Under Ann's influence Mr Brindley takes a greater interest in his children's upbringing but does his action imply that he sees her as more than a mere governess or does his heart truly belong to Cassandra, the wealthy young woman rumoured to be the future mistress of Brizecombe Hall?
"A delightful read. As a truly good book does, it left me with a smile and desiring more. It was not overly drawn-out but the scenes perfectly timed to keep your constant attention," 5-star review.

Kitty Lewis travels with her younger sister, Clara, to join their family for the season in Bath. Her mother is intent upon finding a husband for their elder sister, Lucinda, and believes she has found the perfect match in Captain James Northwood, a distinguished naval officer. With time, however, Kitty begins to suspect that her sister’s affection lies elsewhere. Meanwhile, her own plan, to keep her head firmly fixed in a book and avoid all the nonsense going on about her, goes gradually awry.
"I loved the witty characters and the look at aristocratic life," 5-star review.

Sylvie is a girl who longs to be a woman. When her friend Betty invites her to a dance at the local airfield, where a US squadron is based, Sylvie knows she has to go, even if it means lying to her parents. Upon meeting Jack, a young American airman, life becomes even more complicated.
"An insight into a young girl's heart as she falls for a soldier. Her mindset felt true to the era."

Lord Robert spares the life of Emma, the pregnant widow of an Anglo-Saxon rebel. When his wife dies in childbirth, he asks Emma to become nurse to his son at Danburgh Castle. On arrival at the castle, Emma discovers that the widowed Lord Robert is already promised to Fiona, the daughter of a Scottish thane. This arrangement does not, however, prevent Lord Robert from making advances towards his nurse. Emma resists Lord Robert’s attentions, but finds she is increasingly having to deny her own desires in order to do so.
"The plot was tight and kept me engaged; good characterisation meant I truly cared about what was happening."

Rhiannon, a Welsh farmer’s daughter, is smuggled into a walled English garrison town. Harboured by a merchant and his son, her happiness is shattered when her presence in their home is discovered. Taken to the castle, Rhiannon's fate lies in the hands of Lord Edward. Will he believe Rhiannon’s claim that all she wants is to be a lady?
"A bed-time story for grown-up girls."

Eliza, lady-in-waiting to Lady Jane Braggot, is sent to work in the household of the noblewoman's brother-in-law, Sir Richard. Upon arrival at Braggot Park, Eliza encounters Sir Richard's son, Lorenzo, and swiftly falls under his spell. With time, Eliza learns that all is not as it seems at Braggot Park and, when her liaison with Lorenzo is discovered by Lady Jane, she faces a dilemma: should she obey Lorenzo's wish that she keep his secret or redeem herself by telling Sir Richard the truth about the goings on in Braggot Park?
"Very well-written and fast-paced," 4-star review.

Samantha, a seamstress, stows away on a ship bound for Australia, disguised as a boy. Discovered by the ship's doctor, John Seacombe, she becomes his assistant. However, she rapidly finds that her growing feelings for him mean that her disguise becomes a hindrance. And when the feisty Estelle McEwan enters the scene, things get even more complicated for Sam.
"The writing was quick-witted and light

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