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Three Short Fairytales

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This book contains three short fairytales by G. Wulfing. ‘The Dwarf’s Heart’ is about a dwarf who decides that the best way to deal with the heartache of loneliness is by removing the offending organ. ‘The Leaving Of Princess Laellinon’ is about a goatherd who must explain to the rulers of a neighbouring kingdom that their daughter, the princess who was in hiding with his family, has inexplicably vanished. And ‘Butterfly’ is about a solitary creature who believes she is ugly and worthless – until she meets a well-travelled wyvern who sees her completely differently.
'The Dwarf's Heart' [2,117 words]:
There is a dwarf who lives alone. He is a grumpy dwarf; he likes things just so, and no different. And he can’t stand other people. Apparently, however, the increasingly annoying spasms in his heart are caused – allegedly – by loneliness. The solution is obvious: he should remove the faulty organ. Problem solved. And never mind the cost.
A very short fairytale.
‘The Leaving Of Princess Laellinon’ [3,284 words]:
Coedas the goatherd has a message for the rulers of another country whom he has never met. The king and queen must be told that their cherished daughter, who was in hiding with Coedas’ family, has abandoned her entire world by disappearing into another. And she won’t be coming back.
A short story set in a medieval-style fantasy realm.
‘Butterfly’ [4,954 words]:
The Chlyh lives all alone, because she is ugly. No one wants to be her friend. She speaks to no one, living in complete solitude. Then one day she meets a beautiful wyvern: a well-travelled stranger who sees her completely differently from the way she sees herself and the way she thought everyone else saw her.
A short fairytale about perception, isolation, beauty and love.

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