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A Comprehensive Collection of Quotations by Category (Part 6)

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This ebook consists of 350 quotations in 137 categories. They are: Achievement, Acting, Action, Advertising, Age, Aggression, America, Anger, Architecture, Art, Auto Racing, Battles,
Beauty, Belief, Birthdays, Blessings, Boldness, Bravery, Breast Cancer, Business, California, Campuses, Cars, Cats, Challenges, Champions, Change, Child Abuse, Children, Christianity, Christmas, Comedy, Complacency, Computers, Corporations, Creativity, Cricket, Crime, Criticism, Dark, Daughters, Death, Debt, Debtors, Decisions, Defeat, Depression, Desire, Destiny, Determination, Diplomats, Dogs, Doing, Dreaming, Dreams, Drinking, Drugs, Economists, Elderly, Enemies, Entertainment, Failure, Fathers, Fear, First-Rate, Fools, Forgiveness, Friendship, Gifts, Girls, Goals, God, Greatness, Hanukkah, Happiness, Health, Heart, Height, Heroes, Hollywood, Ignorance, Inferiority, Insanity, Internet, iPod, Jealousy, Life, Limitations, Living, Los Angeles, Love, Man, Marriage, Mediocrity, Men, Mistakes, Money, Mothers, Music, New York, Obedience, Obstacles, Okies, Old Age, Others, People, Politics, Possibilities, Power, Prayers, Pursuits, Questions, Race, Resistance, Responsibility, Satan, Self-Discipline, Sex, Sports, Talent, Texans, The British, The English, Theater, Therapy, Time, Truth, Ugliness, Victims, Wants, Woman, Women, Work, World, Writing, Yourself and Youth. They have been collected manually over a period of many years. The quotations were collected from magazines, newspapers, television, catalogs, billboards, friends and relatives, business associates, etc.

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