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The objective today is to isolate targets through technological harassment, satellite remote viewing, electronic surveillance, and also focus on using everyone around them. The target is depicted to the community as incompetent, disloyal, troublesome, mentally unbalanced or ill, or even falsely a drug user to mobilized community stalking efforts. This permits an expertly crafted promotion and denial that highly advanced technology with a schizophrenic effect called the Voice of God exists.

The whistleblower / targeted individual, targeted for various reasons, is then heinously, maliciously, secretively, abused by electromagnetic systems difficult to prove because it is unseen to the human eye or detectable as extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves. The objective is to push the target over the edge to suicide, hurting self or others, jail or to be institutionalized. Others watch and become frightened preventing them from speaking out against these extreme, immoral, and unethical injustices in the form of covert terrorism with many players. Remote Neural Monitoring testing has also thrived within the Association of Psychiatry historically. The electromagnetic assaults, physical, psychological, and verbal, continue until the target is left discredited, exhausted, and in poor health, financially crippled, or his or her life is in ruins or worse. And, it is legal!

In the 1700s, scientist first observed a physical reaction between the human brain, electricity and a glass of water quite by accident. From that point on scientific curiosity peaked and materialized into an ideation to stimulate, manipulate, influence and control the human brain or mind. Numerous testing programs have quietly flourished, outside of the public's eye, for decades and the brilliant technology which has evolved could be used for the good or ill of humanity.

After many, many years in research, testing and development programs, technology termed psychological electronic, which includes, satellite delivery, microwave, and Directed Energy Weapons, are nothing less than brilliant and today have stepped forth in full force, globally, for law enforcement and military use under the guise of necessity for testing for riot or crowd control within the U.S. to include government contractors. The electromagnetic arsenal of today includes, subliminal manipulative devices and systems used in Remote Brain Targeting programs also known as Remote Neural Monitoring from state-of-the-art operation centers.

"Remote Brain Targeting" is a vitally important compilation between the author and others knowledgeable and expert in this arena for further substantiation. Today these technologies are rampant and can also be deployed from neighboring locations. These efforts usually involve a target's community as the Military Industrial Complex, continues to advanced new and ongoing development.

Remote Brain Targeting confirms Pittman M.'s credibility in this five book series which details her personal experiences and others, detailing how the slow kill effect is being used today, as a form of physical coercion, electromagnetically. All five books within the "Mind Control Technology" book series are a must read and a wake-up call to an older generation familiar with and knowledgeable of some of these programs, specifically MK-ULTRA, mind control testing officially in the 50s, 60s, and 70's, and Pittman's renewed hope to stir the consciousness of a new generation through awareness of what is factually happening today to many.

Today the technology has erupted into an electromagnetic invasion that is unparalleled in this day and time and heinously capable of delivery through many methods and from a considerable distance.

This technology is no joke!


Knowledge is Power / Awareness is Key!

Published: Renee Pittman on
ISBN: 9781465994974
List price: $3.99
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