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Bred by the Alien Tentacle Plant 3 (Alien Tentacle Plant Sex and Breeding)

Length: 25 pages19 minutes


Angie's found a curious plant on a distant alien planet, one that brings pleasure with the slightest touch. Having been bred by the tentacle to spawn new tentacle plants, and having converted Heather and Brent to her new way of pleasure-filled life, Angie sets her sight on something new - bringing around the council of their settlement to her ways. Angie, Heather and Brent storm a council meeting, and soon find themselves in an all out orgy of out of this world pleasure!

This story is intended for mature audiences only, and features scenes of anal, m/f sex, m/f/tentacle sex and a m/m/m/m/f/f/f/tentacle orgy of epic proportions, and is 4700 words in length.


Angie’s other hand twitched, and her children responded in an instant. A dozen appendages snapped out, grasping at Jenna. Thick tendrils twirled about her wrists and her ankles, yanking taut on the fastidious woman’s body. She gasped at the touch, eyes flaring wide. A wrist-thick vine slid from the writhing mass, sliding up her back underneath the gray suit jacket before wrapping twice around her neck.

Jenna was lifted into the air, spread eagle three feet off of the ground. Her hands and feet were splayed out, and the alien vine on her throat pulled back slightly, angling her head to face the curved roof of the dome.

Angie’s fingers were a blur as she worked them in and out of Heather’s pussy, watching as her children worked on Jenna. Roger took a slow step back, eyes tracking new offshoots as they slid over Jenna’s body. A dozen finger-thick appendages grasped at the woman’s suit. In a flurry of motion and a symphony of ripping sounds, they tore Jenna’s clothing from her body as she hung helpless in the air. Her jacket was yanked open and ripped down the back and sleeves. It fluttered to the ground, a ragged mess coated with a fine layer of sap. Her skirt was yanked down her body, revealing a taut and firm ass and muscular thighs, as well as a pair of simple white panties. Each button on her shirt was popped in time, slowly revealing her bra-clad breasts. A quick twitch, and her undergarments were ripped away, leaving the woman naked in the air before them. Angie smiled as she saw the simple and neat strip of pubic hair above the woman’s snatch. Neat and tidy, even there.

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