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Gender Swap Bundle (Gender Bending Erotica Compilation)

Length: 68 pages1 hour


3 stories of gender swapping hot and steamy sex; a man becomes a woman thanks to a medical experiment and finds fun with his roommate; a man gets an injection that turns him into a horny woman and leads him into the embrace of two men at once; and a curse at a party gives a man a chance to find sexy fun with three men at the same time.

These short stories are intended for mature audiences only, and feature scenes of gender swapping men to women, oral, threesomes, group sex, gangbangs and is 17,500 words in length.


The light burned as I flicked it on and closed the door behind me. Hot steam rolled through the bathroom as I spun the tap, then turned to admire myself in the large mirror above the sink, as I always did. Hey, when you’ve got a rocking physique like mine, you take every moment to bask in its glory.

I gasped, staggering back until my feet slammed into the tub. I stumbled, arms windmilling through the air as I collapsed backwards. I barely managed to catch myself by the shower curtain before I collapsed into the tub, but my eyes were wide and locked on the alien visage in the mirror.

Instead of me, there was a hot redhead staring back. Tall, buxom, long and cascading hair. Skin pale, but not porcelain-white. A body that showed she worked out, with perfect curves and toned muscles showing just beneath her skin. A body to kill for, certainly. I gaped, raising a hand and waving it.

The redhead waved back.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. Red hair swam into view, and I jumped at the sound of my own voice. It was melodious, not the usual rough and manly one I was used to.
The doctor’s damn shot had turned me into a girl!

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