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An Evergreen Baby

Length: 230 pages2 hours


Although recently married to Dr. Noel Shepherd on Christmas Eve, Dr. Holly Green's life with happy-go-lucky Noel couldn't be sweeter. It had been her second year celebrating the holiday since the tragic death of her parents when she was a vulnerable young teen. Noel had successfully coaxed her from her hermit shell.

Holly and Noel had planned a baby right away, but when Holly discovers she's pregnant, she struggles with both joy and trepidation. As a renowned surgeon at New Hampshire's Granite State Medical Center, albeit a shade less intense, Holly has her doubts that she's "mother material." Noel, on the other hand, is ecstatic. Once she sees her developing baby on the ultrasound, she can't help but fall in love with it.

Her whole family is already enthralled with the baby-to-be, due on Christmas, including Noel's well-meaning, but overbearing mother, Mitsy. Mitsy has an opinion on everything, including Holly's care. Holly has her own opinions.

Holly dives deeper into her surgical cases to prove that pregnancy isn't going to stop her from maintaining her premier surgeon status. When a complication threatens her unborn child, she quickly backs off from her hectic schedule. She'll do anything to protect her baby.

But when a fellow surgeon, who'd maliciously voiced his concern about her pregnancy, needs help with a complicated surgery, Holly bails him out, performing the hours long case to save the patient. Her unconditional aid takes its toll, prompting her into preterm labor.

Holly and Noel now must grapple with complications surrounding their premature baby. Holly's Christmas may again, crumble.

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