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Saved by the Bear

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A Bear Will Do Anything To Protect His Mate 

Heidi is a down on her luck curvy girl working the late shift at a small town diner. She draws eyes from every sort of male customer, but they never turn out to be anything more than some jerk looking for a good time. She hates her job, loathes the people she's around, and pretty much abhors the state her life is in. In fact, the only thing going for her is her budding friendship with her gorgeous co-worker, Conner. 

Conner is a bear shifter, abandoned by his pack after failing to find and claim a mate in sufficient time. Lonely and destitute, he finds his way to a small-town diner, hungry and in need of a job. It's there that he first lays his eyes on the curvaceous and quick-witted Heidi, immediately falling for her charms. When she doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings, though, all Conner can do is bide his time. 

A typical night of boring and monotonous work turns into a near-tragedy when one of the local regulars, drunk and feeling more brazen than usual, attempts to assault Heidi as she works the diner alone. Conner, sensing that his destined mate is in peril leaps to the rescue, but is he too late? And will Heidi finally realize that the spark she's been longing for has been working by her side all along? 

Saved By The Bear is a steamy standalone short story that's perfect for reading when you need a quick shifter thrill or just have a few minutes to spare. 

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