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The Lost Treasure Map Trilogy 2014

761 pages10 hours


A trilogy that contains three high quality action-packed novels of explorers finding colossal lost treasures in mind-bending scenarios!
The Lost Treasure Map 3 (2014)
A classic high quality action thriller of the adventures of treasure explorers searching the globe and then an uncharted interdimensional island for the lost treasures and ultimate technology of colossal value of an ultimate time traveler of the future, told to them by a time traveler, which treasure seekers of future civilizations searched for through generations with highly advanced time probes!
The Lost Treasure Map 2 (2013)
A classic high quality action thriller of the adventures of explorers, paranormal investigators, scientists, military, archeologists, and treasure seekers exploring a lost desolate castle in a greater degree than has been done before, with them finding unknown and strange occurrences everywhere they turn as they explore the remains of the place, trying to determine what is there and what is happening there, and they slowly uncover the colossal treasure and a mind-bending ultimate alien voyager probe buried away there!
The Lost Treasure Map (2010)
A classic high quality action thriller of the adventures of explorers exploring an immense haunted castle and region and its hauntings and legends as they hunt for treasure that has been buried away for centuries, with no precise proof of its existence even after scanning its interior with the most advanced equipment, while hauntings, murders, murder hunts, and televised investigations occur everywhere, and they solve the crimes and ancient mysteries and uncover the immense lost treasure of a king and why the castle is haunted!

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