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The Alien Artifact 5

244 pages3 hours


A classic action science fiction thriller of the adventures of explorers detecting and uncovering a perfectly symmetric black sphere voyager of transcendent origins!
Explorers uncover the transcendent artifact after it has been buried away for billions of years and only discover its true origins and it being an ultimate time machine/voyager when they activate it, and are left stunned when its vast unstable energy explosions blast out across an infinity of outer dimensions with such force that it threatens to warp or rip away and destroy space and time!
One of the explorers is strapped into a control seat inside it, leaving him stunned and contemplating his chances of survival when it hurtles out of space and time, turning him into an energy formation and leaving him floating through the vast depths of the cosmos!
With thuds and shudders it relocates itself at different points in space and time, making vast leaps right across the cosmos, vanishing and emerging into vast strange and mind-bending astral expanses, emerging as though floating through them, exploring the whole cosmos, checking all the altered variations throughout it, from over billions of years that the voyager has been buried away for, and the explorer senses its vast intelligence about him!
The whole interior of the sphere appears about him so vividly and vibrantly that it leaves him staggered with his blood exploding through him! All the strange mystical lines and markings embedded throughout its circular walls illuminate for the first time in billions of years, in vivid intense flashes from the surrounding voyager, with its energy beams darting about controlling it!
With mind-boggling powers, with an accuracy and capacity inconceivable, it explores the whole of space and time as an ultimate time traveler searching for something!

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