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Cats & Kittens, 12 Stories to Entertain You!

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1. A Cat Named Leo Gets Stuck on a Telephone Pole. 
2. A Cat Named Lucy Gets Free Fish from the Fish Market by Taking It. 
3. A Cat Named Benny Gets a New Roommate, a Talking Parrot! 
4. Gabby is the Biggest Cat in America, and her Favorite Food is Hamburgers! 
5. Vinny is the World’s Fattest Cat and His Weight is 33 Pounds!  
6. Worlds’ Oldest Cat Crème Puff, Her age is 38 Years Old!  
7. A Cat Named Billy Wins the Cat’s Race!  
8. A Clever Cat Named Felix! 
9. Merlin Saves his Masters Life! 
10. Bella Finds a New Friend and He is Very Happy. 
11. Shadow Hunted 3 Rats! 
12. A Cat Named Smokey Gets a Cup of Milk!

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