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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: (Parenting. Marriage. Madness)

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“Clint is one of my favorite dad voices today … He’s the perfect combination of LOL funny, completely relatable and down to earth. There’s nobody else quite like him!” – Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy

“Clint Edwards brings real humor to the unsavory parts of childcare…” – Eli Epstein, Mashable

“I always know, when I’m about to read a piece by Clint, that I’ll end up nodding my head in agreement…” – Amy Joyce, The Washington Post

“Clint Edwards writes about fatherhood in a way that is refreshingly self-deprecating and brilliantly honest. With views on parenting that are often off-beat and unconventional, Clint’s work emanates a genuine warmth, enthusiasm and most of all, an unshakeable dedication to being the best father he can be.” – Grace Koelma, Kidspot

“Clint Edwards is dynamic. As a modern dad, his perspective is refreshing and his knack for stating the obvious and otherwise-not-mentioned is what allows him to connect with his readers.” -Lara Bestbier,

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