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Kingdom Alliance: The Elven Citadel, Book 1

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Elves once ruled the world of Anon. They had great power and great magic. The Elves have vanished without leaving a trace of where they went or what happened to them.
It has been 10 years since the last Great War with the Kingdom of Emoes. No one was ever sure why Queen Hellicus stopped the last time; the war just ended. Now she is back on the attack, using and wielding more magic than ever before. Queen Bellfourth’s spies have informed her that Hellicus and the Kingdom of Emoes has discovered an ancient Elvin Citadel; the source of Queen Hellicus’ magic. Queen Bellfourth launches a daring plan to destroy the citadel but first she must unite the three kingdoms.
Soon Bellfourth’s plan becomes dependent upon a mysterious woodsman. Can she trust this woodsman or will his past come to haunt her? Will she be able to destroy the citadel, stop Queen Hellicus and save her husband who has been captured by the Emoes Army?

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