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Dragonball Z: An Unauthorized Guide

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Find out all there is to know about the hotter-than-hot phenomenon called DragonBall Z. Written by a mother and ten-year-old son team, you'll get all the fabulous DBZ facts from a kid's perspective! So DBZ fans unite-and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you read about:

* All the TV and movie episodes, action figures, trading cards and toys
* The characters-good and bad-what they do and where they come from
* Awesome anecdotes, entertaining facts, cool quizzes, and side-splitting jokes
* Interviews with kids just like you about DragonBall Z: their favorite episodes and characters, fun ways to play with DBZ toys, and much more

You know you're a DragonBall Z fanatic if... think your teacher is a Saiyan name your dog "Bubbles" and make him bounce around
your backyard "planet" at rocketship speed insist that your power level is 1200 (on bad days) wear red pajamas and a sash to school use magic marker to put dots on your head so you can look like Krillin

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