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Gemstones and Gravestones

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Living next door to the local senior center, ten-year-old Henry finds refuge from the school bully among the quirky retirees. He grieves the loss of Ernest; his elderly friend and mentor. Unbeknownst to Henry, Ernest’s ghost lingers nearby. The spirit watches over the boy while attempting to guide his aged friends to the evidence that will incriminate the men responsible for his death.
The only person capable of seeing Ernest in his spectral form is Betty, his befuddled wife. But given that Betty suffers from dementia, no one believes her clairvoyant claims. Sal, a disabled veteran with a talent for finding clever uses for ordinary objects, has vowed to help his late friend’s widow however he can. He is joined by Betty’s friend Phyllis; a hoarder whose colossal handbag contains an abundance of ordinary objects, plus a tiny dog with a knack for locating items within the enormous bag.
Hunted by desperate criminals and driven by supernatural forces, can Henry and this group of elderly misfits solve a deadly mystery before it is too late?

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