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The Luckiest Girl

225 pages3 hours


At the bottom of the recent Great Recession, Nicole (the luckiest girl), desperate to save her struggling business, is inveigled into investing in the cocaine trade. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, and flounders. Meanwhile, Nicole’s dealer, Halfnose, pressures a teenager, Alec, into making a drug run to L.A.. Cass, his girlfriend, insists on going with him. Following their own train of thought, they turn out to be less than reliable. Alec’s police detective mother, head of the Drug Detail, has no idea that Alec is the mule on this run, but Pineapple, a hooker with a grievance, tips her to when and where the stash car will return. Patty sets up the bust, but with so many different trains of thought colliding, one confusion leads to another and another and another.

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