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Tears Of The Heart

248 pages3 hours


Shiloh Martin vacationing in France with her fiancé returns to the hotel to find him in bed with the maid.
Enraged, she races in her car up a dangerous road to discover her brakes have failed and out of control, she crashes.
In 1885, Dorian Wolfermont, a duke known as Wolf, walks his estate that night to discover beautiful woman badly hurt.
Shiloh awakens to discover that she’s trapped in the past and falls in loved with a man who not only captures her heart but her spirit.
Sharing months of blissful love and experiences Shiloh awakens one morning to discover that she’s all alone in a ruined mansion.
Confused she discover a tombstone with Dorian’s name and that he had been dead for a long time.
Mystified, she collapses in tears and feels herself floating in another dimension and when she opens her eyes she discovers that she had been in a coma.
Determined to find the truth she returns to France and to the mansion to discover that the ruined house is being rebuild by a distant relative of the late duke,
a young Dorian Wolfermont, the spitting image of the man she had loved in the past.

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