Love Bachelor Style

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Love Bachelor Style

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Length: 293 pages4 hours


Reed Stone, born Reed Stonebrook, the thirteenth Duke of Chischester left his home to sail to America.
He becomes a prosperous rancher and by the age of thirty-five and is content with his bachelor life.
But his existence is turned-upside down when his brother and sister-in-law are killed and a young nanny,
Allison McBride comes to his ranch with a ready-made family.
No way in hell is Reed going to return to England and take over his ducal duties for anyone, especially four
But when the green eyed beauty enters his life, insisting he take responsibility for his nephew and nieces,
he finds being an adamant bachelor is no longer part of his life. This conclusion comes too late when he
discovers Allison Mc Bride returned to London.

Editors Note:
Many characters in this books have accents and or different speech patterns. The author has attempted to illustrate this phonically. These are not spelling errors.
An example is this.
“Tootsie kicked them out when I stood in fwont of hew highchaiw.”
It will reflect how the character is speaking.

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