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Noah's Serendipitous Four-Hundred Seventeen Day Adventure

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What would you do aboard a ship that floats on havoc and is menaced by sea monsters, tyrannical Nephilim, and a Dragon bent on revenge? Feeding the animals and cleaning stalls could get a bit old, and so it musts be that God intended Noah’s family to experience the whole range of human existence, while aboard a dank and musty barge. The air quality index may have reached red, however, there was a way to build a barge that would have natural ventilation and carry enough representative families of living creatures - to satisfy a rebirth of earthly life. The author, Frank Verderber, has also based the family’s trials and triumphs on the norms and expectations of contemporary humanity. He laces this epic together with known archeological and engineering facts, romance and a strong dose of imagination. The book takes the reader through the trials and aspirations of the last people on earth, who must content with death and survival, while fulfilling a life of love, entertainment, with salient technical enterprising. Additional mental and physical agility, with mystical weapons, are required for the final victory against evil. In this case, the saving of the world builds to a common street fight, and the outcome of a bare-knuckles scuffle. For those who wish to go beyond the entertaining facets of this adventure, the author has included a serious expository - concerning the known archeological, engineering, geological, and historical facts surrounding the ancients and the flood. Photographic and unofficial information supplied by NASA and the DIA are also presented. The story of the Flood and Noah, have bearing in the oral and written annals or many civilizations across the globe. There are also many scientific geologic discoveries analogous to this epic. Design Drawings are provided based upon scale, proven ancient techniques, and known effects of a wild ocean upon ships greater than 300 feet in length. However don’t expect the remains of The Dragon to be found in a photo summary. This part will have to be conjured by the reader’s imagination!

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