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Saving Grace

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She is a drug-addicted prostitute. He is an international hostage negotiator. But once upon a time, they were in love.

Grace Adams is desperate for a hit and heads out into the darkness to find her salvation.
Josh Moore is back from the Middle East and looking for his high school crush who went missing on prom night. She is the one girl he can’t let go of through the years. He blames himself for her disappearance, and can’t rest until he learns the truth about her.
Finding Grace was never going to be easy, but he never expected to find her like he did.
Angry, desperate and addicted, she is in serious trouble with some serious people.
Taking the chance he never had in high school, Josh kidnaps her and takes her to his secluded beach house to help her detox, and find a purpose in life again, but Grace is determined to use every trick she knows to escape.
But Josh has his own demons, haunted by those he hasn’t been able to save, he seeks solace in Grace but their connection is fragile, and neither really trusts each other. Then Grace is forced to go back to her old life in order to set some wrongs right, but it’s dangerous, and she might just lose Josh and herself in the process.

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