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Cyber Protect Your Business

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Cyber Protection - Cyber Protect Your Business is
about protecting one of your most important assets –
your business and your livelihood. Statistics demonstrate
that hackers are now targeting small businesses more so
than individuals because the payoffs are greater and there
are fewer safeguards put in place by the business owner.
It is easy pickings and the business owners that take the
time to read this book and implement the strategies contained
herein will be the targets that the hackers ignore since there
are easier targets available. Cyber Protect Your Business is
about protecting YOU and your loved ones from the silent menaces
that plow the web and seek to harm you. Learn about internet
surveillance, the best internet security and PC security from
cyber security expert, Dr. Leland Benton. As a cyber security
expert Dr. Benton performs internet security reviews and
cybersecurity consulting. Protect yourself today!

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