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Hadean 2: Survivor Road

304 pages6 hours


Fear. Anger. Hope.

Insanity is tearing America apart.

Mobs of crazies own the streets and club anyone who provokes their wrath. Government officials are dead or are being hunted to extinction. The National Guard slaughters everyone in sight. The Air Force bombs anything that moves.

Is this the legacy of genetic tampering or a terrorist attack with weaponized rabies?

As madness consumes the Valley of the Sun, a group of family and friends will run the gauntlet to escape the city. They will depend on each other for safety and comfort. They will trust in each other's sanity.

Unaware their worst enemy is already among them, waiting to strike.

Hadean 2: Survivor Road is the second book in this engrossing take on the apocalypse. If you like a fast paced, roller coaster ride into adventure, you'll love this next installment of Linda Andrews's horrifying new series.

Download Hadean 2 today and join the struggle to survive.

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