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Passive Income :Stock Market: MONEY IS POWER, #7

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 PASSIVE INCOME :STOCK MARKET (Book #7) :The Best-kept strategies, techniques and secrets on stock market investing 

Many interested investors tend to be intimidated by the seemingly technical vibe of the  stock market . 
 The equally confusing scenes in the stock exchange, e. g. perpetually chattering and bustling stockbrokers in the NYSE floors, 
can be enough to make any of us take several steps back from making investments in stocks. 
Couple this inherent confusing image with the recent news on financial crashes and many of us would indeed be scrambling away 
from the stock market, much less investing our hard-earned money into it. 

I find this particularly disturbing, if not terribly counterintuitive. 
 The stock market remains the top investment scene to any interested investor , primarily 
because it is the only venue for the average citizen to partake in the profit growth of our economy’s top industries. 

 This is where you can participate in the sales growth of top companies without being a ‘big gun’ or a major executive, 
all at a minimum cost of 4USD per share. 

In this book, I have endeavored to narrate how the stock market remains the best place for your investments. 
In particular, I have shared in the chapters inside the best-kept strategies, techniques and secrets 
on stock market investing and how you can use them to generate a substantial source of passive income. 

 The book contains the following information: 

+ Why Invest in Stock Market? Because It’s One of the Best Passive Forms of Income! 
+How to Choose Stocks to Buy
+ Secrets to Stock Investments 
+ Dollar Cost Investment: For the Conservative Investor 
+And Much More...

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