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Margaret with her light figure goaded Jason's interest, the most known book-lover. Without understanding it, was found at her villa, where he faced her sudden death.
Shara grabs the chance and guide him to her lethargy. When she finds out about her air crash accident in Haway, she was't sad. Instead, Katherine conquer him with her style. Of course Margaret's figure followed him everywhere.
When Samantha announced him her pregnancy, Jason's mood changes and he decide to go back to his country. France no longer was keeping him.
Alice overturned his plans. It was the romance he was looking for since he lost his beloved wife. Anestis was the catalytic role at Alice's psychosynthesis.
Jason would try to draw her into the dark tresses of the wellknown Eliza.
Dangerous goals kneeled Alice psychicaly and spiritualy. When she understood the ungly game that was playing in her. she got very mad.and put her own terms. And her terms were not reversable.
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ISBN: 9781450206754
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