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Apple Watch & iPhone 6 User Guide Set - Unofficial Manual to Unleash Your Devices!

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Do you own the Apple Watch and an iPhone 6 and would like to learn how to get even more out of your devices? Author Shelby Johnson has combined two of her user’s manuals covering the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 to help users learn to use their devices. In the books she breaks down all of those important features, actions, apps, features and concepts that owners need to know to truly enjoy and get more use from their Apple Watch and iPhone 6.

What you’ll learn inside this valuable guide: 

- How to set up the watch & pairing with an iPhone 
- Actions, gestures and commands for navigating the watch 
- How to use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone 
- How to install and delete apps from your watch 
- Overview with descriptions of the watch’s apps and how to use them 
- How to play music without needing an iPhone 
- How to store photos and music on the watch 
- How to use the watch as a wireless remote 
- A look at some of the best apps to get for your watch 
- Suggestions for the best accessories to get 
- Special tips and tricks to use with Apple Watch 
- Troubleshooting the Apple Watch 
- Getting started with your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus 
- Pre-setup and setup help 
- Phone basics, tips & tricks 
- Hidden features, tips & tricks on iPhone 6 
- Using Siri and other features on your phone 
- Sharing & Printing from the iPhone 
- Syncing iPhone 6 to iTunes & using music 
- Taking photos and video with the iPhone 
- A look at some of the best free apps to install 
- A look at some great free games to install 
- Choosing iPhone 6 accessories to enhance your phone, and much more! 

With this Apple box set, you will learn all you need to know about using your Apple Watch and iPhone 6.

Please note: This Apple Watch and iPhone 6 guide is intended for the United States version of the products only. While some concepts may be applicable for the watch in other regions, the book was written specifically for the U.S. version of the products.

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