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Unknown Scent: Werewolf Series, #2

337 pages3 hours


Unknown Scent: Werewolf Series, 2. Approx. 94,000 words.

Gina Marie Long entices readers with her signature blend of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy and light romance.

Danger awaits Kara and her friends on unfamiliar territory when their covert operation fails...

Werewolves, a vampire, psychics and black magic witches face-off in fast-paced battles of good vs. evil.

Time is running out for The Liaison. They must locate the witches' hideout and prevent a sacrificial ritual before it's too late and everyone suffers the consequences. But, major upheavals cause self-control issues among Kara's friends, nearly destroying them.

A gift Kara receives proves priceless in a life or death situation. And her powers of mental manipulation and mind reading are instrumental to her own survival and others, especially when caught in the clutches of evil. New alliances form, and not all are human.

Throughout the mayhem, Kara remains conflicted over who she loves more: her best friend (a psychic human) or her boyfriend (a werewolf). A choice needs to be made that could be life altering. Especially as she continues to delve into the unknown.

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