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Forbidden: Seducing the Shrink

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For sexy, self-confident Ava Miklos, seduction is a game. She lives for the feeling of triumph that accompanies a new conquest, particularly a challenging one.

When her mother discovers that Ava is a lesbian, she threatens to cut her off financially if she doesn’t go to counselling to “correct the problem”. Knowing that without her family’s support she won’t be able to continue attending university, Ava agrees. But instead of relenting to her mother’s homophobic wishes, Ava does what she does best. She turns each therapy session into a game of seduction. Over the course of six weeks, Ava describes the sensual details of her many erotic conquests to her beautiful, elegant therapist, slowly lacing their relationship with a sexual tension that first becomes palpable and then unnerving. Despite her best efforts to remain a master manipulator, Ava finds herself falling in love with the very woman her mother had chosen to destroy her, and for the first time in her life, she faces a very different form of destruction.

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