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Unknown Taste (Werewolf Series, #3)

268 pages2 hours


Unknown Taste: Werewolf Series, 3. Approx. 69,000 words.

Gina Marie Long entices readers with her signature blend of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy and light romance.

Altered abilities, lost lives, saved souls... and Kara's chaos in battling evil never ends.

Kara has one month to gain control over her new abilities and focus her unstable mind before The Liaison’s next mission... she hopes. All of her senses, including psychic powers, are on overdrive and her sanity is at stake. Kara’s werewolf boyfriend, Daniel, and her other friends help her embrace the changes... Evil beware.

At a secret lab in St. Louis, werewolves and vampires undergo horrific experiments. The Liaison's goal: free the captives and shut down the lab... forever. From the moment they step foot on enemy territory, their skills are tested as Kara and her friends encounter traps and hostile opponents. Things never go the way they are planned. Lives are changed forever as explosive situations slam the team from every direction.

Helping others gives Kara's life greater meaning, but will her actions prove heroic or futile as she delves deeper into the unknown?

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