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The Kingdom and the King: Discovering the Heart of the Gospel

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Jesus was born to be king; He came to earth as a king in order to make an end of all other kingdoms and governments in due time. And the gospel He preached was the gospel of the Kingdom—a gospel that today we are no longer preaching. Jesus said that His return will be delayed until “this gospel of the kingdom” has been preached in the whole world. Why then is the gospel of the Kingdom not the primary focus of our teaching?
It is quite clear that we must return to the original gospel. But what does that gospel contain? And what does God’s Kingdom truly mean? Surely it would have been much easier if we had been together with the disciples when Jesus “spoke about the kingdom of God” to them over a period of forty days (see Acts 1:3), but now we are living in the 21st century, and we have to start afresh. Most likely we will need to fundamentally change our thinking.
Are you prepared to change? Join pastor and author Roland Jansson in a compelling, life-changing investigation of these matters. May the adventure begin!

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