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The Storm Drifters

438 pages7 hours


At the dawn of creation, Shan and Aní are set upon a spiritual fork in the road to choose their fate. Both half-human—one good and one evil—Shan and Aní have now been at war for ages over the nomadic souls that drift between a heaven and hell known as Chondarra.
It seems like forever that the Halflings have each been searching for the One Soul that can vanquish the other. When chance finally leads them to teenager, Suzy Sutton, her destiny intersects with their own. But what the Halflings do not count on is her twin sister Sage’s determination to risk everything, including her heart, as she embarks on a terrifying journey with other courageous teens to rescue her special needs sister from their clutches. Now only time will tell if love is powerful enough to stand in the way of fate.
In this exciting paranormal romance, one girl, two Halflings, and three worlds are brought to destiny’s gate where free will and the future collide.

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