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Kilos Cocaine

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"when did you first realize that you were addicted? .... When I first pushed him in my veins"

Every Princess must kiss a thousand frogs until she gets her Prince and that's exactly what Amora had to do to meet Kilo her king.

Going through hell and trying to find herself was hard but the love of her life made things easy for her. Loving her whole and accepting her child as her own she is so happy to have her fairytale ending.
But not all fairy tales ends well. Dealing with Kilo isn't a fair ride. He owns a billionaire company, is always on the road and he has a crazy baby momma that won't let go, but this is nothing to her and she vows to over look it all that is until a secret that kilo is hiding makes him question her loyalty.
Kilo is so addicted to Amora that she is all he sees and I I'll do whatever it takes to make her happy, but life is hard for him trying to transition from a street king to a family man.

Will Kilo and Amora withstand it all, will she be his drug of choice? Or will she run away from a love that has been there through it all? Find out in Kilos Cocaine a Lola Bandz original.

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