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Opposites Attract Boxed Set

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Opposites Attract contains the following Kat Attalla novels.

When Gillian Hughes is arrested after staging a public protest , no one is more surprised than Hawk Carter. She is sentenced to community service on the local Indian reservation and her doting dad has elected Hawk to keep an eye on the errant heiress. Gillian vows that no man will ever control her. Especially the hunky Native American attorney whose Harvard education and imported suits surely mean he's turned his back on his heritage. But Gillian soon discovers there is more to him. Unless she's mistaken, he really does care deeply about his people, his career -- maybe even about Gillian herself.

Abandoned to foster homes as a child, beautiful Charlotte "Charlie" Lawson is steel and velvet on the outside, but on the inside, she's vulnerable and lonely. Charlie decided long ago that she wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her again...until sexy, compassionate Damian Westfield makes her believe she can let down her guard. Everything about Charlie haunts Damian. It isn't long before Damian's search for the truth opens up Pandora’s Box and he uncovers his family's hidden past. But an act of betrayal will force her to choose between revenge against the people who hurt her...and trusting him with her heart.

On stage she is Leather, a Rock'n'Roll fantasy. After 10 years on top, Kate Costello has had enough of the music scene. She takes off for New Mexico in search of the anonymity she'd bargained away for fame. Jake Callahan is a single father. He spent his savings bailing out his wild brother and is facing cash-flow problems. Renting out the empty house on his property seems like an ideal solution until he sees the woman who answers the ad. Jake doesn't want the reclusive millionaire renting the house on his farm. But he has a teenager and bills to pay. And now--a sexy tenant he can't seem to ignore.

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