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The war is over.

Aurora is at peace.

Now the Aurorans can begin building their new world, and explore its wonders.

In the far North of Verdi, the only continent where man has set foot, a small coastal town has grown. By the pier lies the Explorer, a ship designed to sail the high seas, almost ready to cast off.

Tina Hammer, a hero of the revolution, cannot wait to go. She says goodbye to a dying friend and leaves with a small crew. Nobody knows how long the journey will last, and Tina is content with that, tired as she is of war and strife.

But the journey on which she embarks will be her toughest challenge so far, and she will be tested to her limits. For the sea holds deadly secrets, deep beneath the waterline, and the North is an unforgiving place.

Explorer is a Genesis companion novella, by the author of the Exodus Trilogy.

Note: If you haven´t read the Exodus Trilogy, you should do so before reading Explorer.

Accolades for the Exodus Trilogy:

"Congrats Andreas Christensen, you just moved into the realm of My Favorite Series."

"Floored, not only by the story line and character development, but by the visual picture of a future world."

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