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My Talking Car

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JAMES KEMOLI AMATA is a 1976 BEd (Arts, Hons) graduate of the University of Nairobi. He is a freelance farmer-like author and a publisher on He is a retired secondary school teacher of (Christian Religious Education and) Kiswahili. He is a preventive healthcare network marketer and a Fountain Enterprises Programme (FEP Group of Companies) investor.
He is the author of HIGHLY REGRETTED: An autobiography of a bad teacher, AuthorHouse, 2010; Siri Kali,, 2013, among many others.
MY TALKING CAR is a collection of sweet dreams and vibrations between moral and immoral; and ethical and unethical behaviour on many drivers. The drivers are either good or bad; and they do either right or wrong things as they drive.
Let MY TALKING CAR call upon you to do what is good and right while you avoid all that is bad and wrong, every time you happen to be behind the wheel.
That is my intention for you, and all drivers.

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