Darkness Unchained: The Jago Legacy Series, #3

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Darkness Unchained: The Jago Legacy Series, #3

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (1 rating)
Length: 217 pages3 hours


1922, Cornwall, England 
Could the maddest, baddest, sexiest Jago of them all really be back? 
Growing up in the shadows of the Drakensberg mountains, ever since she can remember, Annie van der Merwe has envisioned a golden eyed man she calls Uther. Now, half way across the world, in a beautiful cliff top mansion known as Tenebris, Annie comes face to face with the embodiment of her visions. 
Torn body and soul between mesmerising nobleman Uther Jago and his brooding brother Nicca, headstrong Annie must face the awful legacy of the Jagos. Lust, betrayal and a darkness older than time await her if she remains within the encircling walls of Tenebris. 
Only in sultry South Africa can Annie hope to conquer the darkness borne in blood and bone that threatens to destroy them all. But once the Jago darkness has been unleashed, can it ever be vanquished?

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