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Animal Manners (Bedtime Stories for Children, Bedtime Stories for Kids, Children’s Books Ages 3 - 5)

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What do you know about having good manners? Do you play fair? Are you polite to others? Some of these farm animals know a thing or two about having good manners and they would like to show you!

Animal Manners is delightful rhyming story about farm animals who know how to behave and some who don’t! It teaches some important things about sharing, being a sport and even how not to interrupt others who are talking. When these good manners become a habit every day, their farm becomes an even better place to live!

This tale is an ideal story for bedtime reading, especially for kids ages 4-7 years who are still learning how to act properly and correctly. Let these farm animals show and teach them that being well-behaved will also lead to being well—liked!

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